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Glassware Garden -Beaker :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 1 5 Glassware Garden -Round-bottom Flask :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 3 3 Coffee(cup) Tree :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 2 0 Feathery Night Flight :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 15 12 Katie on the Ridge :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 4 3 Evening Nepenthes :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 1 0 Dragon in my Pocket :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 7 4 Pocket Dragon :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 19 8 Lynx Griffin :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 13 6 Alligator Lizard Dragon :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 14 6 Teal Skull :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 9 4 Lumpy Charmander :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 0 2 Aron :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 10 10 Shuckle :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 6 7 Remnants :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 2 2 Run :iconarboris-silvestre:Arboris-Silvestre 2 5
Not everything here's gonna be a masterpiece, but I enjoyed creating them :la:

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Above the swamp :iconbogdanboev:BogdanBoev 581 22 Library reference-Humans :iconartistshospital:ArtistsHospital 14,960 722
Suitably warm
Coffee. Iced coffee. Iced coffee is my favourite type of coffee. I don’t normally like normal coffee, because the heat of it detracts from the taste. When you take a gulp of normal coffee— well, I say gulp, but in actuality you have to take quick sharp sips, because it’s too hot to gulp, really. But when you take a gulp of normal coffee, you can’t enjoy it, because all the little coffee molecules rumble down your throat like little bubbling bumble bees. The heat makes the particles excited, and they rush around in great surges of energy. They walk into each other and drop what they’re carrying. “Sorry, my fault, sorry”. Funny. They all have places to go, though they all go through the same place. Iced coffee’s not like that, I find. Iced Coffee shakes your hand like the true gentleman he is: a soft, firm handshake, like the bygone gentlemen of ancient times. He hushes you. Tells you to relax. You drink him down, a long slow tremor;
:iconandrewpom:andrewpom 13 15
Banded Sunrise :iconjurgendewitte:JurgendeWitte 15 6 Rescue mission :iconxbastex:xbastex 4,280 244 Silhouette Stag(Prismacolor Marker/RubbingAlcohol) :iconlorelei-undine:lorelei-undine 3 5
PE: Bookbinding
This article is a short introduction to bookbinding, including information about bookbinding terms, methods, tutorials and a feature of beautiful handmade books.
:bulletblue: What is bookbinding?
We all have books at home, whether they be schoolbooks, novels, journals or sketchbooks. They might be paperbacks or hardbacks, though I'm guessing not many of you own hand-crafted books. With books being commonly used and readily available items today we forget that books are (or can be) works of art! Bookbinding is a craft especially cultivated in the Middle Ages, where books were still quite rare and expensive. The art of bookbinding has survived until today, although it is no longer necessary to bind books by hand, since we have machines that can do that for us. Nevertheless, a hand-made book is a beautiful thing, and has the special appeal of something unique.
:bulletblue: Important Terms :bulletblue:
Tool for punching holes into paper, book boar
:iconriemea:Riemea 181 65
Clawless :iconart-paper:Art-Paper 6,085 685
PE: How to Animate in Gimp
How to Animate in Gimp
Gimp is a free photo editing software that you can download at You can use it for a lot of different things like photo manipulations, drawing, pixel art, etc. Today though, we will be covering the topic of animation!:la:
Note that this tutorial will only show the basics of Gimp animation. How to make the frames, how to save it and the such.:nod: So let's get started!:la:

Start by making the subject. I just used a random black ball, but the subject can be as simple or as complex as you want, depending on what you're making. Make sure you switch over to the layers tab.
Tip: If you do not already have the layers tab there by default, go to any of the tabs and press that little arrow that the green arrow is pointing at. After you click tab press: Add tab> Layers. After that, the layer tab like in the picture should show up.

After making t
:iconicexdragon:IceXDragon 510 195
Quick Food: Salmon Sashimi Salad :iconmajnouna:Majnouna 817 87
Art History - Leatherwork Features
A Feature from the Leatherwork Gallery
Gallery Info: Leatherwork
Leatherworking using leather, suede, faux leather, or fur as a medium and including stamped flat pieces like belts to meticulously shape and stitch objects such as sandals, saddles, bags, clothing, chaps, etc.

Belt holder for bullwhip by JonzouBrown leather armor by vofffka
Tree of Gondor Bracer by Half-Goat
Steampunk Bobcat by Phoenix-CryChaos female armor torso front view by Deakath
Taxidermy Black Wolf Headdress II by NaturePunk
Celtic Leather Pocket by EruwaedhielEllethLarge Leather Koi Wall Art by Azmal
And some tutorials for leatherworking
Buffed Metal on Leather by Angelic-ArtisanLEATHER SPAULDER TUTORIAL by KiltedninjaLeather Mask Making Tutorial by Ranasp
Can't get enough? Have a look at the gallery yourself!
Helpful links:
:iconpiratelotus-stock:PirateLotus-Stock 6 6
Pistachio Bowl :icondabecker53:DABECKER53 1 2 Pearce Sweepstakes Nov. 2012 :iconlogan-pearce:Logan-Pearce 434 864 New Dragonfly :iconorigami-artist-galen:origami-artist-galen 110 11 Sean Carroll on evolution denialists.. :iconrationalhub:rationalhub 43 39
a meagre smattering of others' stuff that I enjoyed :dummy:



:iconsamlivi: :iconyamitay: :iconlorelei-undine: :iconlilschwagums: :icontreking495: :iconjayjaydungca: :iconsky-and-sea: :iconprussianfox: :icondarkus04: :iconjazzledazzle:


Glassware Garden -Beaker
Another small experiment with done in-between classwork. I've been doing a lot in the undergrad o-chem lab, and really want to turn some of the glassware into little terrariums. They'd be so cute! 

Should be small enough to use as an icon, if anyone wants. 
Glassware Garden -Round-bottom Flask
I'm tossing around the idea of making a little chemistry glassware garden while getting the hang of pixel art and animation. So to start, a little generic seedling in a round-bottom flask. These guys are quick, and I can doodle one out between classes and classwork. 

If anyone would like to use this as their icon, being credited somewhere would be nice, but not necessary. 
Coffee(cup) Tree
Trying my hand at pixelling; but I still have a lot to learn :) 
(Made with the help of

It should be small enough to use as an icon, if it tickles anyone's fancy. If you happen to use it, being credited somewhere would be nice, but not totally necessary.


Arboris-Silvestre's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Resident Nerd,
and Tree Doodler.

I am a full-time college student who teaches archery nearly every saturday morning, and makes art on the side.
I love natural materials and forms, and tend to work them into my various projects.
I really enjoy trying new things, and experimenting with different mediums and techniques, so constructive criticism and critiques are always welcome, because I have a whole lot to learn!

Ich auch ein sehr wenig Deutsch verstehen. Ich habe nur ein Jahr an der Uni gelernt, und brauche ich mehr Übung :dummy:

My ID photo was taken by Erin Jamison, who was so kind to let me share a few pictures that she took of me down at the range!


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